For individual Angel Dress/Wrap requests, please click the following link to open the urgent request form. 


Who are Angel Dress/Wraps for?

    Angel Dresses and Wraps are made for infants who pass due to premature birth, complications of birth, severe illness or complications after birth, and sometimes why they are taken from us is unknown and very unexpected.  Since these infants are typically too small and fragile for preemie and newborn clothing, they can be dressed in Angel Dresses for final photos and/or burial.  Angel Dresses are made in different sizes.   Also, there is a Wrap to be used for the extra small infants who are too fragile to be dressed. 

Who can Request Angel Dresses/Wraps?

    Any parent or family member who has experienced the loss of their infant can request an Angel Dress to be used for final photos and/or burial.  Hospitals with maternity and/or neonatal units that come in contact with parents and families who have lost an infant may request Angel Dresses as well.   

How To Request Angel Dresses/Wraps


If you are requesting Angel Dress/Wraps for your hospital maternity or neonatal unit please click the following link to open the request form.    

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