We need your help to send more Angel Dresses and Wraps to families and hospitals.

We have donated bins of Angel Dresses and Wraps to more than 20 hospitals in Ohio, Indiana, Kentucky, and Virginia.  Our goal is to get Angel Dresses and Angel Wraps in every hospital, so parents don’t have to worry about something for their tiny Angels to wear.   We have received nearly 1,000 donated wedding gowns and are sewing them into more and more Angel Dresses and Angel Wraps.  We need your help to package and send these completed items to families and hospitals that do not have anything on their units to provide families who experience the loss of an infant.

Your monetary donation is used for packaging supplies for the Angel Dresses and Wraps,  cost of shipping them to families and hospitals, supplies for training new volunteer seamstresses, and administrative supplies.

Packaging Angel Dresses and Wraps: Angel Dress or Wrap, sympathy card, organza bag, sizing tag

Average cost $45 to package 60 items

Average cost $10 a bin for the hospital to store items in to keep clean and free of dust and allergens

Average cost $30 to ship these 60 items to a hospital

Training new volunteer seamstress: volunteer kits

We have at least 6 new volunteer training workshops each year

Average costs $625 to provide kits to 25 new volunteers in a year

Administrative costs: 

Average per month $100


  Due to the amount of wedding gown donations we have received, ​we will not be accepting any wedding gown donations until further notice.   

Healing hearts one stitch at a time

Help support our mission with a monetary donation!


Sewing Hearts is a non-profit charitable organization which is tax exempt under Section 501(c)(3) of the Internal Revenue Code.