Healing hearts one stitch at a time



As a volunteer for Sewing Hearts we ask that you:

-use the patterns, instructions, supplies given to you, donated wedding gowns, and all made Angel Dresses and Wraps exclusively for the benefit of Sewing Hearts and the Angel Dress Mission

-return all Angel Dresses and Wraps to Sewing Hearts headquarters for careful packaging and delivery to families in need or hospitals.

-do not duplicate the patterns except for your own personal use when making Angel Dresses for Sewing Hearts.

-return all patterns, donated wedding gowns, and any other items given to you by Sewing Hearts to Sewing Hearts headquarters if you should decide you no longer want to be a volunteer. 


Please use the following link to sign up for a workshop that best fits your schedule.  Once you attend a workshop you will be ready to begin sewing Angel Dresses and Wraps on your own. 


How Volunteering Works

    Wedding gowns are received at Sewing Hearts headquarters and they are inventoried, photographed, and stored until given to a volunteer to sew.  New volunteers attend a workshop which shows the construction of an Angel Dress.  Each volunteer is able to make their first Angel Dress during the workshops. Angel Wrap instructions are given and a short demonstration is given to show their construction.  Current volunteers are there to help and to answer questions that may arise.  Wedding gowns and patterns are giving to each volunteer at the workshop along with guidelines for sewing, adding embellishments, and how and where to turn in Angel Dresses and Wraps.   

    It is important to keep all Angel Dresses made from the same wedding gown together so that pictures can be taken of them as a group.  All finished Angel Dresses are returned to Sewing Hearts where we carefully package them and deliver them to hospitals caring for families who have lost an infant or to individual families who request them.